,,It was less than a year ago that I saw Zsofia Kalnay on stage. Since then she has been amusing us with both  acting and vocally mature performances, in which the role Nicolas, the friend of Hoffmann is a great example for both.''


,,Already in the previous season, Zsofia Kalnay drawn our attention with the beautiful tone of her voice and with her illusion creating presence on stage. In the role of Anita , she presented us a high quality, modulate and in every detail elaborated performance."

  ,,We can divide the singers into two group, this is especially true for Das Rheingold and Die Walküre. In one group we have those , who are not on stage a lot ( Erda, Walkürs,) but their parts are significant because without them the story could not continue. So for those singers singing these roles  is a big challenge to express their characters in such a short time and to give a very strong and convincing performance. Some of them are singing more roles , all of them at a very high level; I would underline Erika Gal and Zsofia Kalnay , who showed their talent three nights out of four.''


“I hope , I can create value” We talking to Zsofia Kalnay before the musical West Side Story. Interview Kata Kondor


,,Young mezzo-soprano Zsofia Kalnay got the role of a young muse dressed as a man. Even disguised as a man Kalnay is still an emotional singer , a gracefull woman, who is unconditionally supporting Hoffman’s artistic fulfilment even when the poet continuously rejects it because of a new love affair or for  a night at the pub."

,,The honorary director of the theater Attila Toronykoi presented  Rossini`s Cinderella on the small stage of the theater.It has become a witty , humorous show. The main reason for choosing this opera was Zsofia Kalnay , still a university student, who won the Simandy singing-competition last year. Since then she performed in smaller and bigger roles on  the stage of the Nationaal Theater of Szeged, and debuted at  the Hungarian State Opera with barber de Saville. Her strength is her beautiful tone of voice , her exceptional coloratura ability and her fiery temperament on the stage. Oh, one more thing, if she is on stage the audience can`t take their eyes off her. God made her Cinderella , although Tamás Pál and Toronykőy had a big hand in her creation. While she is light and playful, in a blink of her eye you can see the defencelessness of an orphan child..."

Tiszatáj online /2014.08.03/ Márok Tamás

,,Attila Major bariton received the 100.00 ft special price that was offered by Zsofia Kalnay the winner of the previous year`s Jozsef Simándy International Singing Competition.

,,In the title role Zsofia Kalnay gave a well rounded fine performance…., and it`s a must to underline: Zsofia Kalnay  is gorgeous, easy on the eye… (Bizet: Djamileh)

,,Zsofia Kalnay  emotionally alluring and seductively sentimental Djamileh.  In the first row the audience is being touched by love,but at least with pity, and with the beautifully sang musical notes, the small movements of her are expressing all the pain and all the notes on the music score...."

,,Debuting both in the opera house and the role of Rosina Zsofia Kalnay knock-kneed onto the stage like a damned teenager. But isn`t she is real?  The unattractive, gray common cape and the small hill shoe just hinting us exactly. Then she stopped front of the iron gate, with her eyes wide open in her  desperation but still filled with hope, and then right there you have the character! We forget about Zsofia Kalnay and we get lost in Rosina. Thanks to the new music director Peter Halasz usual tempo slowing program the cavatina starts slowly and gloomy, what is beneficial in this aria. Kalnay starts “Une voce poco fa” so emotional and sad that our hearts broke for this poor , last girl, who is barely has any joy in her life , who`s old horrible stepfather wants to marry her, who in her deep desperation holds onto Lindoro like a monkey baby to his mom...."

Momus café

,,Zsofia Kalnay  highlights Djamieh`s sensitivity in the title role. She is exactly showcasing the emotional ups and downs of this role. Her singing is light,neat and the words are clearly understandable throughout the songs. Also, she doesn`t miss out on acting as well. Djamileh like a worried little dear realises that her one month is up , but very consciously follows her plan ,while her love to Harun is obvious…."

,,Zsofia Kalnay already reminded us of a man in Figaro last year,but since then her movements become more authentic. Her performance is one of the highlights of the show, the audience is really enjoying her dynamic performance where she is showcasing that her character only dreams about love and courting every lady with full attention and effort. It seems to pay off, even Susana, but especially the very sensitive,elegant, slightly melancholic Contessa, played by Polina Pasztircsak, who literally fall in love with him, get swept off her feet , after this, we can hardly take seriously her crying after her husband`s infidelity. Yes, there is the third part of Figaro, in which she is having a child from the page If Zsofia Kalnay is the page, then this theory is very realistic."

Mezei néző. blog

,,This version makes the parts of Nicholas and the Muse important, but with the three arias, he is still not a pronounced hero. Because of this becomes more important the performers style.. In the first cast, we can feel the deep human connection between  Zsofia Kalnay and Laszlo Boldizsar …...."

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,,The playful Dorabella (Zsofia Kalnay) and from the beginning charmingly serious Guglielmo was parallel and opposite at the same time. Kalnay – we can take it as a critic and as luck- copied and imitated perfectly with her voice the maturity difference between the two woman in love. Her naive and cheerful voice , with not too much depth, but pleasantly shined through…..."

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,,In the smaller roles, we heard great things, the two singers Isotta (Pasztircsák Polina) és Carlotta (Kálnay Zsófia) sang frantically. Pasztircsak played a sophisticated woman with a little bit of a fortune tellers charm, Kalnay played a simple country girl but her performance was very witty and convincing,  we can thank her for the big moments of the show ...."

Papirusz Portál

,,At last year`s Jozsef Simandy Singing Competition in Szeged, the young mezzo-soprano Zsofia Kalnay grabbed our attention. As a student of the University of Szeged , majoring in vocal studies under the guidance of her teacher Maria Temesi the head of the music department at the university, she was able to overcome her stage freeze and win in the  enrolled in bachelor program category...."